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    Retail Cleaning Services in Ottawa and Gatineau area

    A clean and spotless store indicates high-quality merchandise to potential customers. Our company offers professional retail cleaning services to retail buildings and stores. Located in Ottawa and Gatineau areas. So you can leave your customers with an incredible first impression. How do you feel when you walk into a shoe store and the floors are dirty or your shelfs and surfaces are full of dust? When you hire us to clean your store, that will never happen again. We use a consistent quality control program that allows our cleaners to double-check their performance and ensure that all important areas are nice and clean. And our supervisors to inspect the quality. Contact us today to schedule a free walk-through of your commercial store. In case you opening a new store we can offer you a one time post-construction cleaning or general cleaning that covers your needs. Our prices are friendly to your pocket and the cleaning quality totally independent from price.


    – Dust Furniture, Items, Surfaces, Displays
    – Spot Clean/Remove Fingerprints from Showroom Furniture, Items, Surfaces, Displays
    – Clean Sales Floor Mirrors, Televisions with Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaner
    – Sweep or Dust Mop Floors with Microfiber Dust Mop
    – Vacuum Floors
    – Wet Mop Floors with Neutral Floor Cleaner
    – Deodorize/Disinfect Floors with Eucalyptus Floor Solution

    – Dust Tops of Conference Tables, Chairs, Accessories
    – Dust Tops of Picture Frames, Shelves, Cabinets, Window Sills
    – Dust Desktops
    – Spot Clean Desktops Around Paperwork and Accessories
    – Clean Computer Monitors with Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaner
    – Disinfect Phones, Keyboards, Mice, Light Switches, Doorknobs
    – Empty Trash Cans and Remove To Designated Area
    – Sweep or Dust Mop Office Floors with Microfiber Dust Mop
    – Vacuum Office Floors
    – Wet Mop Office Floors with Neutral Floor Cleaner
    – Deodorize/Disinfect Showroom Floors with Eucalyptus Floor Solution

    – Clean And Disinfect Toilets (Top, Lid, Seat, Rim, Base, Back)
    – Clean And Disinfect Sink, Counters, Fixtures
    – Clean Mirrors
    – Dust Partitions And Furnishings
    – Refill Restroom Supplies (Soap, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels)
    – Spot Clean Doors, Kickplates
    – Empty Trash Cans and Remove To Designated Area
    – Sweep Floors
    – Wet Mop/Deodorize/Disinfect Bathroom Floors with Peroxide Floor Solution