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  • Computer Cleaning Service

    Nice And Clean providing in depth computer cleaning service for Mac or PC. Including physical case and all of its components monitor, keyboard and mouse. Both interior and exterior will be cleaned using best computer cleaning tools and practices. We make sure that no water or EMI will be introduced to your system. We guarantee that your data will be preserved safe and secure. All cleaning operations provided by the professional technician.

    So why is computer valeting or computer cleaning service is so important?

  • To promote a good ventilation and cooling!

    When your computer is running it is continuously bringing a cool air from the outside of the case and exhausting a hot air that components generate at the back of your computer case.

    When dust and hair buildup on the outside and inside of the case it keeps the air from getting to those hit producing components.
    That's makes the components get really hot! And hit is one of the biggest causes of component failure.

    We recommend you clean your computer once every 1-3 month to keep your computer well ventilated.

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