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  • Tile Cleaning

    Deep cleaning your floors will spruce up your whole home — but doing it properly takes a little patience and know-how. Luckily, we’ve drummed up several professionals to offer you some expert tips on deep cleaning your tile floors.  Step 1: Start with the basics Stacy McCall, president and CEO of ServiceMaster by Stratos in Memphis, says, “Sweeping works fine for most floors, but [...]

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    How to Clean Kitchen Sink Right

    Try this strategy for sending stains, grime, and germs down the drain. Get Rid of Gunk Just about everything that happens in the kitchen — cooking, cleaning, kids' craft projects, and more — involves the sink, so it gets stained easily. Splotches show up most obviously on light porcelain or solid resin surfaces, but even stainless steel is susceptible. The speediest way to remove marks from [...]

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